Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Class Presentation by Prep Senior

Prep Senior students gave a splendid performance on stage for the different class presentations as their parents proudly watched them showcase their talents.
Prep Senior A students dramatized the story of  'The Pied Piper Of Hamelin.'
Prep Senior B conveyed the message of taking care of our environment through a short skit” Let’s take care of our environment.”
Prep Senior C students showed the different ways of carrying things in their presentation titled, 'Carry it".

Indeed a great learning experience for students as they performed with great confidence and enthusiasm.
Enjoy the snap shots in the slide show.

halloween Celebration

Halloween falls on the 31st October of every year and is a time when people dress in scary costumes, go trick or treating and play traditional Halloween games, such as apple bobbing. As a part of their unit on celebrations , the students of Prep Senior explored this festival to the fullest and had lots of fun while learning about this celebration. We take this opportunity to thank Ms  Neelakshi Khurana- Arman's mother, for coming in as a resource person and providing ample information to our students about Halloween.It was indeed a wonderful presentation and our students enjoyed it thoroughly.

Here are some pictures on the slide show of our students who had come dressed in Halloween Costume and enjoyed playing some great Halloween games. Parents you indeed did a wonderful job in dressing up your children for this occasion

Sunday, 18 August 2013

First month at Prep Senior 2013-14

The students are all enthusiastic and full of energy after their summer break. Exciting stories about their vacations never seem to end and  in the first month our Prep Senior students have participated in a number of interesting activities. We have put in some pictures of some of these activities. Please do comment as your feedback is always  welcome.

Enjoy the slide show